Wildcat Panther .22 Sound Moderator


Wildcat Panther .22 Sound Moderator 1/2” UNF

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The Wildcat Panther is the latest model from the UK Custom Shop. Introduced in 2017, the Panther has been designed for use with .22 and .17 rounds.
Like the Wildcat Whisper, the Panther works with .22 rimfire and .17hmr rounds. In addition, the Panther will also tame your WSM/WMR/Hornet and Fireball rounds, both in .22 and .17 calibres. (17Hornet, 17 Ackley Hornet, 17Fireball/MachIV, 20Vartarg, 22Hornet, 22MachIV. In general, anything below about 20gr powder)
The Panther breaks down into three parts for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Thread – 1/2″unf, 1/2″unef and 14×1
Weight – 222g
Total Length – 168mm
Over Barrel Length – 55mm>
Forward Length – 112mm
Diameter – 38.3mm. Can accommodate barrels up to 24mm in diameter

Wildcat Colour Coding Chart
.17 cal Bronze – .17

.22 cal Purple – .22 Hornet, .222, .223, 204, .22-250, .220 Swift

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