Eye II Series Model E3Plus V2.0


Eye II Series V2.0 Model E3N

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Using a compact design and elegant design combined with easy operational functions, the Eye II Series thermal imaging monocular is the ideal vision enhancement tool for use in the darkness, weighing just under 320 grams allows you to bring it anywhere and not have to worry about it weighing you down. The Eye Series uses independently developed high performance VOx detector which gives you high quality images which allows you to get precise images in darkness. Coming with a built in standby function the E3Plus will be able to activate within moments for when you need it most and also allow it to lower its battery usage using standby mode. Using estimated heights the E3Plus will also be able to give you an approximate distance to the target and pairing that with its hot target tracking finding the distance of your target will be a breeze. Utilizing the storage that comes with the E3Plus you are able to record or take pictures of the moments that you want to see again, the E3plus also comes with wireless capabilities which allow you to connect it to your smartphone or tablet.

Coming with 5 colour palettes the Eye II Series V2.0 E3plus to allows for true colorized mapping.

Model  E2n E3n  E3Plus V2.0
Detector Resolution 240×180 384×288 384×288
Pixel Size 17μm 17μm 12μm
NetD ≤40mk ≤40mk ≤40
Frame Rate 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz
Objective Lens 13mm 19mm 25
Field Of View 17.8°x13.4° 19.5°x14.7° 10.5°×7.9°
Display Resolution 720*540 720*540 1280×960 LCOS
E-Zoom 0.93~1.86 0.85-3.4 2.5-10
Optical Magnification N/A N/A 2.5-10
Digital Zoom N/A N/A 2/4
Max Battery Life 15h 15h 7h
Amount of Built in Memory N/A N/A 16GB
Dimension 160x62x62 160x62x62 181x65x64
Weight <320g <320g <420
Detection Range (Target Size 1.7m x 0.5m) 476m 696m 1298m


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